ecco.eco is a platform dedicated to upcycling. You can learn about the topic upcycling itself, get tips and inspiration for simple DIY home upcycling projects, and discover the many local Swiss businesses that sell upcycle products.

ecco.eco initially started as an entrepreneurial project at the School of Management (HEG) Fribourg.


We went a bit more back, however, as our initial idea was to create a Swiss sustainable hosiery brand. That did not work out. The lessons we learned then quickly guided us to this path on which we embarked in September 2019.

So what were the lessons, and what is this path exactly?

The main reason for our failure with the first business idea was the fact that there are already many amazing businesses out there. The good news? They all share a mutual goal: to protect our beautiful Planet Earth and respect fellow humans through entrepreneurial initiatives and innovation.


The better news? We found our path: to gather these different initiatives and the people behind them on one single platform, where ideas flow, inspiration thrives and communities prosper. We chose those who upcycle not only because upcycling is  super interesting, but also because it is something that all of us can do - with some guidance and inspiration of course!


In January 2020, ecco.eco was selected to participate in the three-month Circular Economy Incubator program of the Circular Economy Transition and Impact Hub Switzerland. This honour does not only promise opportunities. It tells us that we are on the right track to contribute meaningfully to the Swiss Circular Economy.

Join us, become a seed, and together we will thrive.





Being mindful of our natural resources by keeping our production and consumption within the circular economy.



Every droplet can create ripples that can spread to the furthest corner of our ocean of efforts. We need each other.



We can achieve new heights together. The real competition within the circular economy is the one against wastefulness.



A person's waste is another's precious material. Every broken object is an opportunity to rethink, reuse and repurpose.

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