Product Review: AgentSpécial

Confinement has been fine for me, although I got bored at times.

And when I get bored, I go virtual window shopping. That was when I came across this blog article about sustainable fashion brands from Switzerland, and that was how I discovered AgentSpécial.

A few days later, my sunglasses case started falling apart. It gave me a great opportunity to try out the product of this Geneva-based company.

The Story:

AgentSpécial designs upcycled fashion and decor accessories, repurposed from unused production overruns of packaging material rolls destined for landfill : The Doypack®, that are hand-woven by unprivileged Filipina women.

The Doypack® is more commonly known as the juices or puree packaging. So yes, my sunglasses case does not only contain my sunglasses, but also the nutritional value of a small pack of orange juice.

This makes the product so unique. There're so many different collections that can fit any style, it feels great being able to choose from such a diverse selection.

The Quality:

The product feels good in general. I am personally a tad skeptical with the magnetic snap inside the case, as I need to pay a bit more attention to ensure that it snaps properly and won't reopen right away.

It's also not water-proof, as the threads are not too tightly woven. Therefore, even though you can easily dry the case with a cloth, your sunglasses will still get splashed on if you decide to jump into the water with the case.

The Practicality:

This case can easily fit in any bag.

It's lighter than my old sunglasses case, and more sturdy than my other sunglasses drawstring pouch.

Which means that if I put my sunglasses on the front pocket of my backpack and falls on my butt while walking down a slippery path during the hike, the likelihood of my crashing my sunglasses will be really low.

Any Downside?

When I first receive the product by post, my first impression was the strong smell of cigarette that came from the case that I couldn't get rid of. I contacted AgentSpécial and immediately got a friendly and detailed reply from them. Apparently the mailer envelope seems to cause the problems, even though neither of us know for sure. I was offered to choose either to receive a full reimbursement, or get a product replacement.

Of course I chose to replace my product.

I like the product so far and the customer service has been exceptional.

And that's AngentSpécial for you folks! Now let me go and get myself some natural vitamin D with my sunglasses on.

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